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Patpong: The red light district in Bangkok is quite possibly one of the ultimate destinations for men traveling in Southeast Asia. Either those who are just curious or those who wish to participate in all that it offers.

For those who are not familiar with Bangkok’s red light district and are looking to visit for the first time then a little homework will not go amiss.

The first thing to understand is that the red light district is big business and visitors are seen as walking ATMs. To survive with your bank account still intact takes some planning and know-how.

The one thing to remember on your first visit to one of Bangkok’s red light districts go-go bars is to never tell the girls this is your first visit. Do that and the chances are you will be charged more as it will be assumed that you do not know what the regular rates are.

What are regular rates?

Short time (1 Hour) is usually 1500 Baht ($46).

Long time (overnight) is usually 5000 Baht ($153).

Bangkok’s red light district area is made up of three major areas, Patpong, Nana Entertainment Plaza and Soi Cowboy. These areas are all within close proximity.


Patpong is comprised of two lanes running parallel to each other. The prices for drinks are a little cheaper here than the other two areas and it is here that you will also find fake merchandise such as Rolex and Tiffany jewelry.

In the Patpong red light district the most popular go-go bars can be found in the King’s Castle and Queen’s Castle Group.

But there are other go-go bars such as the Black Pagoda and the Club Electric Blue that are worth a visit.

Once you have found your girl then you will discover that there are many short time hotels in Patpong usually charging approximately 300 Baht ($10)/hour.

Nana Red Light District

Located on Sukhumvit Soi 4 this is the largest red light district and is just packed with pubs and clubs. The Nana Entertainment Plaza is the biggest attraction being home to bars such as Rainbows, Spankys and Angel Witch.

Again there are several short time hotels within easy walking distance such as the Majestic Suites and the Royal Ivory Nana Resort.

Soi Cowboy

Soi Cowboy may well be the smallest of Bangkok’s red light district areas but what it lacks in size it makes up for in entertainment.

Having recently gone through renovations the drink prices have gone up but the bars do have ‘happy hours’. Some of the favorite bars here are Rawhide, Long Gun, Cowboy Go Go Bars and Spice Girls.

So the long and the short of it is simple………do your homework and then go play.

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Many Westerners come to Bangkok, Thailand in search of cheap clothing. Thailand is known worldwide as a place where you can buy cheap shirts, jeans, shirts, skirts, silk dresses, shorts, men’s suits and many other articles of clothing. But if you do not know Bangkok very well, still have to know where to buy cheap clothes. Check out these wonderful places in Bangkok, if you are interested in buying cheap clothes, and soon you wish you’d brought another suitcase.Chatuchak market - also known as JJ market is the market for local Chatuchak weekend Bangkok. With more than 13,000 retail outlets (is huge!) The market sells everything, but it is a particularly important place in search of cheap clothing. Here are some 1,000 stalls selling all kinds of clothing imaginable. From shirts to shorts, skirts sweaters, jackets, pants, there is everything here. You can find professional clothing and traditional Thai clothes. There are also hundreds of very cool shops that sell one-of-a-dress kind of young, local Thai designers and the prices are usually not more than $ 5 - $ 12 per unit. To get to Chatuchak Market, take the sky train station Mochit and follow the crowd. It is open on Fridays and Saturdays and Sundays (until 6 pm). Mahboonkrong Mall (MBK) - MBK Mall is one of the best places to buy cheap clothes in Bangkok. It’s a huge mall that has about 8 floors and all types of clothing are available here. From brand names to local designers, you’ll find any cheap clothes you want. In the upstairs, you’ll see traditional Thai clothes and shirts, shorts, jeans, skirts, jackets, etc. On the ground, first, second and third floors, there are many small boutiques and department stores that sell all kinds of garments of clothing imaginable. Furthermore, in these plants, there are several inexpensive tailors who can make a skirt, a woman’s dress, work clothes of a man, shirts, ties - all you want and all very cheap. MBK is close to the national station Stadium sky train (one on the right side as you get off the train, not to be missed!) Siam Square - Siam Square is the local university area and is flooded with college students anytime day and night. It is also a great shopping area for clothes, and attending to the price range for college students, and also have the latest hip, trendy clothes at affordable prices. Shirts, skirts, shorts, spaghetti strap tops, jeans, shoes, everything is available here. Also, if you go to some of the alley ways, will find plenty of other shops are designer shops (local young Thai designers) at bargain prices. The only drawback of Siam Square is because the Thais are small stores cater for young people, the sizes are very small. If you are above a U.S. size 10, is not likely to find something that fits here unfortunately. Siam Square and Siam in the sky, the train station. It is the area in front of all malls (Mall Siam Discovery, Siam Paragon, Siam Center, etc) but as all we see are tons of shops and young Thais, it is difficult miss.Bobae Market — Boba clothesaholics market is a ‘paradise. Clothes are very cheap here, but is expected to buy in bulk or wholesale (ie, three or four pieces in each place). The prices are so cheap though ($ 1.50 per shirt) that is easy to want to buy more than one item. Boba has any type of clothing you like, but is especially a great place for jeans, shirts, jerseys, shirts, blouses, skirts, etc. To get silly, you can catch a boat from Siam Square (a little hard to find but although one of the traders in any of the malls near Siam can tell you how to get there, and it is fun on the boat at the Klong), or take a taxi.Baiyoke Markets - There’s a huge market area near Baiyoke Tower and hundreds of shops in the complex Baiyoke Tower. Again, here, is expected to buy at least two parts (need not be the same design, however, only two shirts, two pairs of shorts, etc) but the prices are about half what you would pay at Chatuchak (about $ 1.50 per shirt, sometimes up to $ 1 per shirt and the quality is beautiful). You can also get larger sizes here, so Baiyoke markets are ideal for those who are above a size of U.S. 8, as well as those that are small (they have sizes for everyone, because this is where most of the exporters to Europe and the U.S. buy their clothing). Go to Chidlom sky train station, then take a taxi to Baiyoke. You may walk there, but the streets are a bit confusing. A taxi driver will take you directly however there for only $ 1.25 Sales fee.Shopping Mall - Bangkok also has many Western-style malls, with thousands of clothing stores. Siam Paragon, Siam Discovery, Siam Center, Central World Plaza, Central Chidlom, Gaysorn Plaza, Emporium, Central Ladprao, Seacon Square and more - all these places usually have great sales on clothes at least once a month. Therefore, make sure you check out the local malls too.Don forget, if you go to any market areas can and are expected to negotiation, so prices will be even cheaper than established by first time. The only places they can not bargain in department stores and supermarkets. Even in smaller stores sometimes offer you a discount, though, here is best not to try to negotiate, but only to be “undecided” on buying more than one item. Miraculously, much of the time, the price will come down if you look you can buy two or more.Bangkok, Thailand, is a shopper’s paradise of cheap clothing, so do not forget to bring a lot of money. You’ll be sorry if they do not.

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Bangkok is hot and humid, and most of the time, it is becoming incredibly uncomfortable outside. It is the last place you would think would have run a thriving community, but it works. In every park in Bangkok, you’ll see runners from dawn until sunset, and every Sunday there is a 5K and 10K races throughout the year. There are benefits for the love of running, running, marathon sponsored by large international companies and even leads the temple. These clubs and it is not only a great way to get moving and have fun, but also a great place to meet people - Western expats and Thais - who may have similar interests. If you have not yet started, are ongoing in Bangkok, one of the best places to start is your local park. Lumpini Park in downtown Bangkok is the best place if you are somewhere in the vicinity. It is a large public park where you will find runners at any time of day and every day. People start running as early as 4, so you can in a good run before you head to work. At 8pm there will be people still running, so no more excuses after you have finished work and would rather go home to vegetables on the coach. One lap around the park is about 1 ¾ miles. If you have managed to get into shape, there is the realization of events throughout the city, all of them welcome Westerners and Thais alike. A good place to deal with the Bangkok Monday Hash House Harriers. This is a group of Westerners and Thais, which run every Monday night starting at 5:30 Clock. Each week, they begin to take place in a different way in Bangkok, for somewhere between 30 minutes to an hour, and then start running into a pub or a restaurant for dinner and a few beers. It has received a fantastic way to keep fit, or can, and take a fun group of people to socialize. Each run costs 200 baht (about $ 6) and that includes the beer after the race. Great thing about this, too, is usually run out of the way places, so you’ll see much more of Bangkok than you otherwise. Running is actually a popular sport in Bangkok. Every week there are hundreds of people running and turn out for them. Most runs are in Bangkok on Sunday morning and from 6, while it’s still cool. You assume usually a 10K run and a 5k run walk /. One of my friends go almost every Sunday we have got some very cool T-shirts, and met interesting new friends. Thai mini-runs, in contrast to Western runs, usually bring the whole family, who have so much fun as they jog around the course. Of course, there are also plenty of food available to it, like everywhere in Thailand - so you do not go hungry.There are many running clubs in Bangkok, Thailand. For these, you will only find very few in the West and those who usually speak very good Thai. But could, if you want to have to run and get some practice a new language, a running club that will do a great place for you both.Check the Thailand Tourist Information, Robinson’s Department Store to meet pay services, and to Central Department Store pay services counter - they often have brochures from the various clubs will run and run in Bangkok. Some of them are in English, some are in Thai, but they all have a telephone number or e-mail address where you can get more information about the run this Sunday. Some of the major international companies in Bangkok also sponsors and runs marathons. One of the biggest is the Standard Chartered Bank Bangkok Marathon. In November each year finds it attracts runners from around the world. Last year it was taken by the African runners, which dominates 14 at the top position 14 places (the 15th place from a Thai runners). Outside of Bangkok, but very popular at Bangkok International runners, the famous River Kwai Half Marathon. This year’s half marathon in his 27th Year. It is to be only 1,500 runners, as it is limited in and around a national park instead, so there are always concerns too much damage to the area of too many people. Even if you’re not a runner, it is worthwhile to Aumphur Saiyok where the race takes place, as it so beautifully. There are several hotels around this area, being only 200 kilometers away from Bangkok, it’s a great place to go for a weekend and see a fun sport in action. So, if you remember, back in shape, stay in shape, or just want to get out and meet people, could run in Bangkok, the way to do it. It’s hot, dirty it is and the first few times you try, it will probably kill almost. You’ll get used to it and if you too soon, a member of an elite club, enjoy, have a good run while it would be so much nicer to view it Thailand’s capital city.

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Jeans are the fashion statement in Bangkok, Thailand. Worn by everyone from kids to trendy Thai teenagers, Thai rock musicians to middle-aged moms, ladyboys and beautiful Thai actresses, jeans range from ultra-expensive designer styles to $5 a pair and everything in between. Cheap jeans are de rigeur for much of Thai society though - you can even buy a pair of cheap jeans then dress them up with fabric paint, Swarovski crystal or stencils and suddenly have a pair that looks like a thousand bucks. There are many places to buy cheap jeans in Bangkok, these are just my favorites.

Chatuchak Weekend Market - Just about the best place in Bangkok to buy cheap jeans is Chatuchak Weekend Market. Open on Friday evenings and all day Saturday and Sunday, Chatuchak Weekend Market has 15,000 stalls with about 250 of them selling cheap jeans. For new jeans, you’ll find stalls scattered throughout the market selling skinny, low-rise, high-waist, overalls, boot cut, capris, baggies - any style of jeans you’re looking for. Stalls range from western jeans stalls to punk, trendy to hundreds-of-pairs-thrown-in-a-pile jeans, but all at cheap prices. If you’re interested in vintage jeans, Chatuchak also has an amazing vintage section with vintage Levis and Wranglers for that urban chic look. Get to Chatuchak Weekend Market for a cheap pair of jeans by taking the sky train to Mo Chit station and following the crowd. The market opens at 9am and closes around 6:30pm, Saturdays and Sundays.

Mahboonkrong (MBK) Mall - A popular mall with teenagers and fashion hunters, MBK has hundreds of stalls and shops selling clothing, with at least 30 jeans shops. You’ll find two or three of the larger jeans shops on the cell phone floor (fourth floor), and many smaller jeans shops on the sixth floor. You’ll find jeans in brands you’ve never heard of, knock-off Levis, Wranglers, all styles, all colors, all sizes, and starting at only 200 baht ($5.50) for a pair of stylish, if not brand-name, jeans, you could end up like me with nine pairs at one go.

Platinum Fashion Mall - One of the most popular places in Bangkok to buy cheap clothing, Platinum Fashion Mall is also wonderful for buying jeans. With around 1,300 shops, Platinum is huge, but you’ll definitely find cheap jeans here. Just remember the Platinum system, as it’s mostly wholesale - if you buy one pair or one of anything, then the price isn’t that cheap, if you buy three or more of each item or at one shop (and you can mix and match), then the price comes down around 40-50% per piece. Jeans can even be bought as cheap as 100 baht per pair ($3) if you buy a few pairs at the same shop.

Pratunam Market - Around the same area as Platinum Fashion Mall is Pratunam Market, another wholesale market place. This one is outside but also undercover, and can be very hot especially in the summer. But with tons of stalls all selling trendy urban chic fashion, and many ultra fashionable jeans stalls (these jeans sell in western department stores for upwards of $50 a pair), you can buy an urban chic pair of jeans for $4-$5 and, again, the more pairs you buy the cheaper they are per pair.

You cannot beat shopping for jeans in Bangkok as markets, malls and shops sell them everywhere. These four places are the cheapest four places in Bangkok though for good quality, or brand name jeans and are fun to shop at too.